Accessible Parking and Transportation

Emory University recognizes that individuals with disabilities may need parking and transportation related accommodation to allow for safe access to the buildings on campus. We are committed to achieving an accessible university environment and have a responsibility to do so under federal and state laws.

Requesting a Disability Parking Accommodation

Emory University provides a robust shuttle system in order to maximize the accessibility of buildings on campus.  DAS recognizes that at times, a parking accommodation may be needed for circumstances where the shuttle system does not sufficiently resolve an access barrier.

To request a parking-related accommodation, please submit an accommodation request form:

Although provisional accommodations may be granted, medical documentation must be submitted for long-term or permanent parking accommodation.  Medical information provided by your healthcare provider in support of your request must include:

  • A diagnosis and a direct link between the underlying condition and the requested accommodation;
  • The functional limitations caused by the condition/impairment; and
  • Projected duration of the need for a parking accommodation based on the nature of the impairment.

Your healthcare provider may submit a signed letter on professional letterhead that includes the above information or they may complete a Parking Accommodation: Statement of Medical Necessity Form.

University Designated Accessible Parking Spaces

If you are requesting authorization to park in a University designated accessible parking space, it is your responsibility to obtain a State-Issued Disabled Parking Placard through your local municipality.  Emory requires for both the state-issued placard and an Emory parking permit to be visible at all times when parking in designated accessible parking spaces on campus.  Failure to display both permits may result in a parking citation.

If gate access is needed to admit entry to an area that has designated accessible parking spaces, please contact DAS to specify where access is needed, and this can be coordinated as an accommodation.

Emory Paratransit Services

Emory University provides on-campus transportation for students, faculty and staff, when the standard shuttle service and parking accommodations could not meet an individual’s disability-related needs result.  Any student, faculty, or staff with a permanent or temporary disability will need to follow the same request process indicated above for disability parking accommodations. If DAS approves paratransit services, we will send a referral to Emory Transportation and Parking Services and the individual will be contacted to make arrangements for pick-up and drop-off at designated stops and times.

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