Employee Process Checklist

ADAAA Employee/Applicant Accommodation Process Checklist

The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) checklist is designed to aid staff throughout the accommodations process. Please feel free to contact DAS for assistance.

The Employee To-Do List

  • Review ADAAA terms and definitions
  • Visit Job Accommodation Network to explore accommodation ideas based on the disability/condition.
  • Visit the Accommodate online portal to submit an Employee Accommodation Request Form.
    • If you would prefer to consult with the Associate Director for Faculty and Staff prior to registering with DAS, please make an appointment for a consultation through the Accommodate online portal.
  • Obtain the necessary medical documentation from the physician who treats the condition/impairment associated with the requested accommodations. 
  • Schedule and participate in an intake meeting with the DAS Associate Director for Faculty and Staff to discuss and agree upon what accommodations will be requested
  • Remain available for correspondence until the interactive process has concluded and an Employee Accommodation Agreement has been signed.
  • Inform supervisor in a timely manner if the implemented accommodations are not effective, and
  • Meet necessary performance standards for his/her position

The DAS Associate Director To-Do List

  • Review the Employee Accommodation Request form and submitted medical documentation to determine if sufficient information has been provider and to determine eligibility for ADA reasonable accommodations
  • Evaluate the accommodations requested by the employee and any accommodations recommended by the employee’s provider to identify which accommodations could be effective and reasonable
  • Meet with the employee to explain the accommodation request process, discuss the employee’s request, and share the considerations that help determine whether a requested accommodation is “reasonable”
  • Send formal notice to the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources of the employee’s registration with DAS, including specific recommended accommodations
  • Obtain the employee’s job description from Human Resources/employee's supervisor, if necessary
  • Meet with the employee’s supervisor and other stakeholders to learn more about the employee’s job responsibilities, discuss the recommended accommodations and offer guidance
  • If accommodations are warranted and approved by the department, obtain signed Employee Accommodations Agreement from the employee and the DAS Associate Director
  • If needed, offer guidance to the employing department regarding implementation of the agreed upon accommodations, and
  • Follow up with employee regarding effectiveness of the requested accommodation(s)

The Supervisor To-Do List

  • Provide the employee's position description identifying the essential job functions and, if relevant, information about difficulties the employee may be encountering (if applicable)
  • If the DAS Associate Director determines that accommodations are warranted, the supervisor will meet with the DAS Associate Director and other key stakeholders (if applicable) to discuss and agree upon reasonable accommodations
  • Review and approve the Employee Accommodations Agreement
  • Implement the agreed upon accommodations
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the accommodations with employee, and
  • Contact the DAS Associate Director if the accommodations are not effective or if there are difficulties with implementation