Information for Employees

The ADA is a non-discrimination law and the purpose of reasonable accommodations is to enable the prospective or current employee with a disability to perform a job.  Emory University is not required to give preferential treatment to individuals with disabilities or lessen qualification standards.  The law does require that the University consider reasonable modifications regarding how qualified individuals with disabilities demonstrate their abilities and skills.  The responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations falls into these three categories:

  • Equal opportunity in the application process.
  • Enabling workers with disabilities to perform essential job functions.
  • Enabling workers with disabilities to enjoy the same benefits and privileges of employment as enjoyed by workers without disabilities.

How to Register with Department of Accessibility Services

Employees seeking accommodations must contact the Associate Director of Faculty and Staff to initiate the process by requesting an accommodation and/or auxiliary aids.

Employees should complete the Employee Accommodation Request form, provide supporting medical documentation outlining abilities and restrictions, and obtain a copy of their job description.  Request for Accommodation forms are available on the forms page.

The functional impact of the disability is considered to determine the type of accommodations that are appropriate.  When determining accommodations, DAS considers the essential functions of the position, limitations imposed by the employee’s disability, barriers in the environment, and the nature and cost of accommodation.

Once eligibility is determined, the employee and supervisor are notified in writing, and reasonable accommodations are implemented expeditiously.  It is your responsibility to notify DAS and your supervisor if your accommodations are no longer working or they are no longer needed.

Employee Accommodation Request Form