Notetaking Assistance

Only students approved for accommodations may submit a request.  Your notetaking needs may be provided in one of the following methods: 

Access to Powerpoint or instructor notes

(Provided only with the instructor approval)

  • After submitting your Accommodation Letter, discuss with your instructor if supplemental notes are available.
  • Your instructor may say “no” to this request. Contact DAS Notetaking to explore alternatives.

Apps/technology for notetaking or audio recording

  • Review the types of Digital Notetaking Tools
  • DAS offers a notetaking tool for students approved via their accommodation plan as registered users. More information and tutorial videos can be found by visiting GLEAN’s resource page.
  • After submitting your Accommodation Letter, discuss with your instructor if they have a no-technology or no-recording policy. For remote classes, your instructor may be willing to record the entire class meeting using Zoom, Canvas Studio, or other learning management system.
  • If you or your instructor still has concerns with recordings, contact DAS.

Peer notetaking responsibilities

(Instructor or Program Administrator recruits a volunteer from the class)

Peer notetaking accommodations require a coordinated process involving the student, faculty member and DAS.

  • The deadline to submit a peer notetaker request for Spring 2023 semester is February 3rd

Students who have been approved for notetaking accommodations through DAS must complete the following steps:

  • Log in to the Accommodate Student Portal.
  • Complete the steps to request the current semester's Accommodation Letter. If you do not wish to receive notes for all classes, select "Edit Letter of Accommodation", and follow instructions provided in the Resource Library regarding selecting the classes appropriate for this accommodation. Only request this accommodation in specific classes you are intending to use it. 
  • Download the Recommended Notetaker Announcement to request faculty assistance in recruiting a note taker for your class.

Faculty must:

  • Submit the volunteer list of notetakers to DAS Notetaking 
  • If a notetaker has not volunteered within the first week of class, please contact DAS Notetaking

Asynchronous courses

(i.e. Self-paced or prerecorded lecture modules):

  • Notetakers are typically not applicable, since you can pause/rewind as needed. Contact DAS Notetaking if you believe a peer notetaker is necessary for an asynchronous course.

Synchronous courses

(i.e. Real-time or Live):

  • After sending your Accommodation Letters, discuss your request with the instructor.
  • If the instructor has already identified a peer notetaker, the instructor will inform you.
  • If you know someone in the class, you can refer that student as your notetaker to DAS Notetaking.
  • If there is not already an established notetaker, then your instructor will need to assist to recruit one. If your instructor is unsure of what to do, refer them to the recommended notetaker announcement
    • Instructors will have to share the volunteer list with DAS Notetaking. Once the notetaker is assigned and trained, you will login into Notetaking Exchange to retrieve your notes.
    • Students may need to work with instructor to obtain notes until a notetaker is assigned and trained.
  • Reach out to DAS Notetaking with any concerns or challenges receiving notes from your peer note-taker.
  • It is the student's responsibility to immediately inform DAS and faculty when not attending a class (24 hours, if possible). If a class is dropped or if the notetaker is of no benefit, the service will be cancelled. Notify DAS immediately. If notification of absence is not received in two instances or there are more than two last-minute cancellations, the service may be suspended for the semester.
  • For exam days, notetakers usually will not have notes unless there is a lecture planned after the exam. Otherwise, there will be no notes available for any days where an exam is scheduled in class.
  • Notify DAS immediately if notes are not uploaded when you have attended the class as required, or if the notes are illegible or incomplete.

The following is required of students who are providing notetaking services:

  • Log in to the Accommodate Student Portal and access the Notetaking Exchange.
  • Upload legible notes - properly labeled with professor/class name and date - within 12 hours of each class. Accuracy is critical for students receiving the notes. 

Notetaking Exchange