Alternative Text Formatting Requests

Many students with varying types of disabilities are interested in obtaining their textbooks and other materials in alternative formats as an auxiliary aid to assist them with their reading and coursework.

A request for this accommodation is handled in the same manner as requests for other accommodations. Students seeking materials in alternative formats must present documentation that clearly supports the need for the request. After a student's documentation has been reviewed and the request has been approved, the student must meet with the OAS office to obtain additional information concerning this process and discuss how to make effective use of this accommodation.

Copyrighted materials provided or reproduced in an accessible format by OAS for a student with a disability may not be copied, shared, distributed, or sold, except in accordance with the provisions of the copyright laws.

Students' Responsibilities

  • Register with OAS by following the appropriate procedures.
  • Provide OAS with appropriate documentation validating the request for materials in alternative formats.
  • Register for classes during the priority registration period.
  • Requests for textbooks in alternative formats should be made at least four to six weeks prior to when materials are needed. Requests to convert documents (for example, handouts, exams, videos, and other course materials) into alternative formats should be made at least two to four weeks prior to when materials are needed. OAS will try to honor the student's request within this timeframe. However, the wait time can be shorter or longer depending upon the specific materials and the format being requested.
  • Complete and submit the alternative text request form.
  • Purchase a copy of each textbook or course packet for which an alternative format is requested. Provide OAS with a copy of the receipt to validate proof of purchase. This action is a copyright requirement. Alternative texts cannot be provided to a student who has not purchased the text.
  • Meet with your professors to:
    • Request the required textbook list
    • Provide them with the OAS accommodation letter
    • Discuss course assignments
    • Determine which textbooks and other reading materials need to be provided in an alternative format
    • Determine when materials will be needed in class
    • Ensure the professors are aware that the quality of original materials is essential to successful document conversions. Advise them to contact OAS if they have questions.
    • If you experience any challenges connecting with your instructor, please contact the OAS office.
  • As soon as possible, provide OAS with a copy of the course syllabus for each course in which document conversions are requested.
  • Notify OAS immediately if there are any changes in the status of a request, class schedules, course requirements, alternative format needs, or if some or all the readings for a course are no longer needed or if the course is dropped.
  • Pick up alternative format textbooks and/or course packets at OAS. (Failure to pick up materials in a timely manner may result in suspension of the alternative format accommodation.) Alternative format textbooks will be sent to your personal email with log in and password to get your textbooks.
  • Inform OAS if there are any problems with the alternative formats.
  • Return and/or delete all alternative format materials by the last day of finals of the semester. Failure to return and/or delete alternative formats may result in the university putting a hold on your records.

Emory's Responsibilities

  • Verify that a student who requests alternative formats is registered with OAS and eligible to receive this accommodation.
  • Provide the student with a copy of the alternative format agreement and provide training on how to fill out the alternative text request form when necessary.
  • Acquire or create an alternative format of the text(s) requested.
  • Locate, obtain, or convert materials in a timely manner. Every effort will be made to find textbooks that are already available in accessible formats (e.g. audiobooks or electronic text). Texts that are not already available in alternative formats will be converted when possible to the student's preference. OAS reserves the right to provide students with optional types of alternative formats as necessary to provide access. In such cases, OAS will ensure that the format is accessible to the student. Students will be notified and involved in the process of deciding the best types of optional services.
  • Make the student's requested alternative format texts available for pick up in the OAS office. If alternative format text is being provided in installments, OAS will make every effort to notify the student that the next section is completed and available.
  • Assist with problem resolution if the student experiences difficulties in accessing or using the format provided.
  • Promote student independence by offering training to students in the use of technologies to convert and access their own materials.
  • Collect all materials on loan to the student by the last day of finals in the semester, if necessary. Ensure that all converted documents are returned to OAS or deleted from student computers.
Alternative Text Request Form