Frequently Asked Student Questions

Emory will ensure safety and mitigate potential health risks against COVID-19.  Most courses will have a remote option.  There are a variety of face covering options available for the campus community (i.e. face shields, transparent face coverings, etc.)  If you have an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, please check to determine if your courses, labs, fieldwork, or clinical experiences offer a remote option.  If not, please reach out to consult our office.

The process to register and upload documentation remain the same.  Due to the impact of the pandemic, DAS recommends only submitting documentation electronically to track your information.  Intake meetings with DAS staff will be conducted by phone or Zoom.  DAS staff will reach out to schedule a meeting with you.

All DAS staff will be available virtually.  DAS staff will offer virtual walk-in hours for general questions and/or referrals.

General Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

All services will be available on an appointment-only basis.  Time-sensitive appointments will be offered remotely and coordinated directly by DAS staff.

The registration form has a link to upload documentation into our Accommodate database.  If you experience any problems uploading your documentation, send an email to Atlanta office: 

Log in to Accommodate portal to submit your letter.  If you are considering Add/Drop/Swap for a particular course, DAS recommends waiting to submit your letter for that course until you have made your decision. If a faculty or staff member has not yet been assigned to a course, we also recommend waiting to send a letter to that particular course, as the faculty will not receive the letter via Accommodate unless it is requested after their assignment to the course.

Yes, students with disabilities always have a right to reasonable accommodations, regardless whether classes are hosted in person or online.  It is important to realize that while the structure of an online course may eliminate the need for many typical classroom accommodations, the environment may also create a unique set of needed accommodations.  Whether the course is remote or in-person, students should always arrange time to speak with the instructor to discuss their accommodation plan and what accommodations are applicable to the setting and format of the course.

Accessibility Services will continue to provide this accommodation for courses where there is a real-time virtual instruction.  In classes where information is presented in an asynchronous format (self-paced), notetaking will not be provided. Some exceptions are applicable to students with motor disabilities.  Please contact DAS if you have any questions regarding your notetaking needs.

Yes, however, Accessibility Services will not be involved in administering online or in-person exams for students with extended time.  You must communicate your extended time accommodation clearly to your faculty, who will be able to manually adjust the allotted time for your exams in Canvas or other learning management system with your approved accommodations.

Flexibility accommodations like “flexibility on assignments” and “flexibility with attendance” will, as usual, require clear communication, advance planning, and negotiation of details between students and their instructors.  If classes move to asynchronous formats (self-paced), accommodations for flexible attendance will not be applicable.  Familiarize yourself with the new format and guidelines for your online course and talk with your instructors if you have questions.

Yes, you may request accommodations at any point during your academic career.  You may find you have different accommodation needs as we make the shift to virtual course delivery.  If you encounter disability-related barriers in the context of online education (or for any other reason), you are encouraged to reach out to Accessibility Services to discuss accommodation possibilities and other ways we can support you.  If you wait until an exam or end of the semester, your accommodations will not be finalized in time.  DAS encourages all students with disabilities to begin the process as early as possible.

Yes, the process of requesting or using Paratransit will be the same.  Transportation and Parking will be executing specific protocols to ensure safety of their patrons during the pandemic.  For more information, please visit the transportation website.