Emory University's Department of Accessibility Services (DAS) is committed to ensuring a fully accessible academic, housing, and dining environment for all students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with DAS if they believe that accommodations will be necessary for equal access. Complete the following steps to request accommodations. All student information, including the initial application, is stored in the secure Accommodate platform. 

Examples of Accommodations and Services

Process for Requesting Accommodations

Step 1: Submit the Student Registration Form and Upload Documentation.

The Student Registration Form helps DAS better understand your disability and specific accessibility needs. The application also includes a file upload feature for you to upload any supporting documentation you may have that indicates a history of your disability. Your medical provider may complete one or more of our Disability Verification Forms, or you can submit any other relevant information you may have. Please review our documentation requirements for additional details.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you should not delay completing the New Student Registration Form out of concern for not having the right paperwork. If this applies to you, please include a note in your application explaining these circumstances. DAS staff will discuss specific third-party documentation needs during the Welcome Meeting and steps you can take after the meeting. Our priority is meeting with you, not reviewing the paperwork.

Step 2: Attend a Welcome Meeting.

After submitting your Student Registration Form, your information will be reviewed and assigned to an DAS staff member. This process usually takes up to two to three business days. Once you have been assigned to an Accommodation’s Specialist, you will be sent an invitation to schedule a Welcome Meeting via your Emory email account. This email will have contact information for your assigned specialist and information for how to schedule your appointment. Initial appointments last approximately 45-60 minutes.

During the Welcome Meeting, you and DAS staff will explore your individual experience, current barriers, educational history, and accommodations that have been effective in providing access. DAS staff will also discuss campus and community resources that you can utilize as part of your success network, and next steps.