Here we share general information related to the rights and responsibilities of faculty and the university in the context of collaboration through the DAS office.

General Responsibilities

  • Request verification from DAS when a student requests an accommodation in their course or program.
  • Inform the student of the procedure to request accommodations.
  • Maintain confidentiality about any information disclosed in discussions with the student or DAS staff.
  • Consult DAS to discuss requested accommodations.
  • Provide accommodations in a timely manner once they have been verified by DAS.
  • Inform students that all course material can be made available in alternative format with prior request.
  • Identify and determine the abilities, skills, and knowledge that are essential and fundamental to academic courses and programs. (These standards are not subject to modification based upon disability.)
  • Expect the student with a disability to meet the same academic standards as peers in the course.