ASL as well as live and closed captioning accommodations are available for classes and events that have an online or digital platform such as Zoom or Canvas, as well as for pre-recorded lectures.  If a live stream, webinar, or video is being captioned as part of a specific accommodation request, you will be notified by DAS to ensure adequate planning. 

If there is no active accommodation request, video owners are nevertheless encouraged to caption their videos for Universal Design.  Captions are helpful for a wide variety of people and make video content fully searchable.  Panapto, Canvas Studio, and Amazon Web Services can generate captions using automatic speech recognition (ASR).  These typically require editing before they’re suitable for publication, but the ASR process can save substantial time over captioning video from scratch. 

For specific instructions, please see Audio Transcripts, Captioning, and Accessibility from Academic Technologies.

DAS has procured vendors for ASL, CART, and post-production captioning which could be used for any campus event or sponsored activity. While you can use any vendor that has the same deliverables, these vendors have already been vetted. Each division is responsible for payment. All needs should be discussed with your department budget person.

Live Captioning Services & American Sign Language (ASL)

AI Media (ASL and CART)


General Inquiries: Email:


Resource/Scheduling Manager: Emily Mathew Email: 

Postproduction Captioning, Audio Description, and Live Captioning

3Play Media

Getting more help

  • If you need help using University-wide teaching tools and software such as Canvas or Zoom, please reach out to Teaching & Learning Technologies at or visit the TLT website to schedule a one-on-one consult.
  • College Instructors Only: If you need help with tools and software particular to your classroom, your computer hardware, or integrating technological accommodations for students, please reach out to Emory College classroom technologies at
  • If you have any questions related to accommodations, please feel free to contact DAS at for more information.