Registering with DAS

How to Register

  • Complete the Student Registration Form. Google Chrome web browser is strongly recommended. This form enables students to detail their disability, past services, and needed accommodations from their own perspective. In addition, this is helpful as an introduction to the Compliance Specialists.
  • Submit documentation about your disability and/or past use of accommodations that will assist DAS in considering your request by one of the following methods: upload directly to Accommodate, fax (404.727.1126), email to, or U.S. mail.  Typically, documentation is from an appropriate, licensed professional who is able to detail the presence of the disability, its impact on the student’s learning or other major life activity, and relevant details to support the student’s request for accommodations.  Some examples include medical records/letter from a physician or psychologist, psychoeducational assessment/evaluation, and school records.  For the convenience of practitioners, verification forms have also been developed that may be completed for ADHD/ADD, Chronic Medical or Physical Disabilities, and/or Mental Health. If you do not have any documentation, these forms are available for download in the Forms section.  All documentation received is confidential and is kept in a private file at Accessibility Services.
  • Once materials are reviewed, the Compliance Specialist will arrange an Intake Meeting.  During this meeting, the student and the Compliance Specialist discuss information that has been submitted and accommodations that may be appropriate.  All the information listed above must be submitted to DAS prior to this meeting, so that accommodations can be determined at that time. During this meeting, an accommodation plan will be developed for your review.
  • Once registration is finalized, students must request accommodation needs to be communicated or facilitated. Students must log into Accommodate to request Accommodation Letters. Accommodation letters are submitted via email within 48 hours of when students login to make their request.  In some cases, the DAS office may make direct arrangements on behalf of the student rather than email (i.e., ASL interpreters, housing accommodations).

Important to NOTE:  Once accommodation letter emails are sent, students are required to follow up with each instructor to introduce themselves and discuss how the accommodations will be utilized for that particular course.