Housing Accommodations

Emory Housing provides reasonable housing accommodations to residents with disabilities.

Step One:  Apply for On Campus Housing

Prior to requesting a housing accommodation, you must complete the housing application.  To apply for housing, log into your MyHousing Portal using your NET ID and password 

Step Two: Register Online with DAS

Register online with DAS by submitting your Registration form.

Note:  If you need to request academic accommodations, a separate Intake meeting will be coordinated.

Students who are currently registered with DAS can submit a supplemental request for housing.

Step Three: Submit Documentation

Students requesting housing accommodations must submit documentation of their disability-related need(s) for the request.  Please review our Housing Guidelines for additional information.  Medical providers may also prefer to complete the Disability Verification Form.  All documentation is kept confidential.

Housing Accommodation Requests:  Students must turn in all housing accommodation request information (i.e. medical documentation, DAS Student Registration form, as well as clearly indicate “Yes” to the “Do you have or anticipate any Housing needs on campus?” question and completing the additional information requested) by the deadline in order to be processed through DAS. Making a request does not guarantee an accommodation will be approved, and having an accommodation approved does not guarantee Housing on campus.

  • Returning Students
    • Rising 3rd/4th years: January 31
    • Rising 2nd years: March 18
  • Incoming Freshman
    • June 1

Ways to submit documentation

Step Four: DAS Reviews Submitted Documentation

You will receive a notification of determination following submission of the accommodation request and all supporting documentation.  The timeframe will vary depending on when the request is made.  If more information is needed, DAS will reach out to you.

Step Five: Monitor your Email

Monitor your Emory.edu email address for more information about your new housing assignment, if applicable, based on your approved accommodation.  Housing assignment information will come from Housing.

Additional Procedures

Students with service animals, those requesting permission to have an assistance animal, and/or students who wish to have a Personal Care Attendant must also refer to respective information about additional policies, procedures, and expectations. Students who may require assistance in an emergency evacuation are urged to identify themselves directly to DAS staff. 

ESA & Service Animal Policy