Notetaking Facilitation

Notetaking at Emory University is an important accommodation for students on campus. Faculty has an important role on campus with this specific accommodation. It is important to know what to look for in order to choose a strong note taker for another student within your classroom.

Instructors will be asked to assist in recruiting notetakers for a particular class or recommend students who might be effective notetakers.

  • Faculty may receive notification via an accommodation notification letter that notetaking is a reasonable accommodation for a student with a disability who is enrolled in a particular section of a class being taught this term.
  • Read DAS's recommended notetaker announcement, below, during two consecutive class periods to assist in recruiting a paid notetaker. Please submit the list of names and emails collected from the announcement to
  • While DAS is recruiting and training notetakers, you will need to assist the student in finding a temporary notetaker. Depending on your class and resources, you can ask a specific student or teaching assistant to take notes for the student, or, provide a hard copy of the instructor's notes.
  • Notetaking is a confidential service. Do not disclose to anyone the names of students receiving any access services, or any information about them.
  • Notify DAS of any difficulties in locating a notetaker, if the student receiving notes is not in attendance, or with any other concerns: Email: | Phone: 404-727-9877

Please also review the notetaking handbook (PDF).

Recommended Notetaker Announcement

Do not include the student's name as part of the announcement. If a volunteer is not identified through this announcement, please contact DAS immediately for further assistance.

The Department of Accessibility Services is looking for qualified notetaker to share clear and concise notes. If interested, please meet me in the front of the room right after class ends today. You can also email me, and I'll put you in touch with DAS. DAS will reach out to you to begin the application process. A stipend is provided at the end of the semester. Thank you.

Recommended Notetaker Announcement Form