OAS Policies and Procedures

Timelines for Disability-Related Requests

OAS receives daily requests throughout the year from students, faculty and staff at Emory.  Because of this high demand, we cannot provide “next day” meetings for requests.  Please try to anticipate your needs so we have time to assist you before a crisis occurs.
Some requests require obtaining information, assistance and approvals from other departments or outside sources.  The timeliness of their responses is not under our control.  Please be patient. We will notify you as soon as a resolution to the issue is reached.

Effective Date of Accommodations

Accommodations go into effect in a course at the time the student discusses the contents of the accommodation letter with the instructor for that course, with the exception that a minimum of five business days’ notice must be given to the instructor to obtain extractive or an alternative location for an evaluation.  Accommodations are never retroactive, and will not change grades or assignments that occur before this discussion/meeting.

Testing Accommodations

We receive a large number of requests to proctor exams for reasons related to the students’ disabilities.  Our resources are limited, and we cannot provide proctoring for exams rescheduled to facilitate travel, vacations, social events, family reunions, interviews, etc.

A student whose accommodation include testing in an alternative location and/or extended testing time must give OAS and the instructor a minimum of 5 (five) business days’ notice, to allow proper coordination from all parties.

Requests for OAS to proctor exams should be initiated by the student, one week before the exam is scheduled to be administered.  For mid-semester and final exams, OAS will always have a deadline to submit requests in order to prepare for the volume of students that will use the Testing Center.  OAS can only provide proctoring services when staff are available, and within our normal business hours, which may mean that an exam cannot be given on the same day or time as it is taken by the rest of the class.  We cannot proctor exams in foreign language courses if any exam component requires that a proctor read in the language being testing.  If available, the department would have to work with OAS to provide a proctor that speaks the language being tested.

Students are also required to abide by the University Honor Code.

Housing Accommodations

Students requesting housing accommodations are responsible for the following.