Testing (Request an Exam)

Students who would like OAS staff to proctor exams during the semester are responsible for notifying us at least one week before the exam administration date.

Students must:

  • Complete the request for your accommodation letter each term so that your professors are aware of your approved testing accommodations.
  • Discuss testing arrangements with faculty in advance.
  • Submit the Exam Request Form to reserve a space at the OAS Testing Center (oas_testing@emory.edu).
  • Receive a confirmation email from OAS testing staff.

OAS Testing Center

At the OAS testing center, we provide a secure, distraction-reduced environment in which students can use testing accommodations that may be assigned to them by an OAS staff member. To use our services, students need to get approved for testing accommodations, and communicate with both their professor(s) and our office.

Tests are proctored Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. If students need to take a test outside of those hours, they will need to arrange to take the test with their professor(s). Please contact the OAS office with any concerns.

Before Your Exam

Schedule Your Test

  • You must submit your request at least five business days in advance.
  • Discuss your testing arrangements with your professor about scheduling your exam at OAS before scheduling the test.
  • Inform OAS whether your professor will drop off the exam.
  • If you will need a scribe, computer, or private room, please mention this when scheduling your exam with OAS.
  • Once OAS approves your Exam Request, an electronic Exam Authorization email will be sent directly to your professor, 5-7 days prior to the exam. 

Contact Your Professor

You will need to meet with your professor in person to talk about your accommodations. Do this early in the semester.

When professors administer exams, there are distinct advantages to the student and to the professor:

  • Exams are retained in the department
  • The student has an easier opportunity to hear announcements and ask questions if necessary, and
  • The regular classroom or department office may be used if extended time is all that is needed

Should your professor request that the OAS make the exam arrangements, the OAS exam authorization form must be completed by the professor prior to the test and returned to OAS. The start time of the exam is the same time as the class time, except for disability-related time adjustments approved by the professor. OAS staff will follow the professor/TA instructions as they are written on the form for exam administration and exam return.

Using an Adapted Computer

  • This accommodation must be approved in advance by OAS staff.
  • Please note on your exam request form that a computer is needed.

Confirm the Details Ahead of Time

Since both you and your professor need to complete several steps, it's important to verify that everything is ready before the date of your exam.

Day of Your Exam

Certain rules and requirements apply to the testing environment. Make sure you come prepared.

Exam Time

  • You will receive an email confirmation to identify which building and room to report to for your exam.
  • Arrive early to allow for any unexpected delays.
  • Show a photo ID to the OAS at exam time. Testing cannot take place without ID.
  • Relinquish your cell phone.

Proctoring Room Rules

  • No cell phones are allowed in the exam room.
  • Enter and leave quietly; other students are testing.
  • Food and drink are allowed only with a doctor's note.
  • To talk or take a break, contact OAS staff member.
  • Earplugs and ear protectors are recommended.
  • Exams are closely monitored. Staff enters the area often.
  • If cheating occurs, the exam is stopped, the professor is notified, and all materials are held for faculty action (see Academic Integrity Policy).


  • Notify OAS staff if you need to use the restroom.
  • Leave all test materials and personal items in the proctoring area.
  • Your break will be timed, and test time will be extended accordingly.
  • Note: OAS is not responsible for your personal belongings.


  • Tests must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.
  • Students are responsible for rescheduling exams in communication with his/her professor and OAS.
  • Students are responsible for cancelling exam appointments.
  • Materials from cancelled tests are returned to the professor.
  • Exams that are not taken at the scheduled time will be returned to the professor.
  • A new exam authorization form will need to be submitted with the exam.
Request an Exam